This blog is a home for prompting liberty – through the use of data, analytics and human engagement to establish insightful and meaningful thoughts, posts and the like. The goal, is to enable free thought, liberty through understanding of the current government, politics, with a specific focus on local and state level entities, positions, offices and people.

This blog will showcase a focus around data, specifically in interesting insights, metrics and other elements that can be used to show case different aspects of government, policies and the people that craft, support and pursue liberty across the board.

Through then employing data analytics, machine learning and cloud based artificial  intelligence this blog will delivery engaging and critical information to support efforts in a better understanding of the greater political world Рfrom a grass roots local through to state level offices and government entities.

The following is an example, embedded Microsoft Power BI, report.: Launch Power BI Example Report

The following section of pages describe the terms, semantics and technologies used to enable what is published to this:

  1. Machine Learning and Sentiment Analysis Explained


Full Disclosure information:

It is critical that every effort is made to make sure certain elements, like social media accounts and whom are behind them are transparent. This is even more so needed in regards to accounts associated with political parties, etc.

Therefore the views, post, insights, analytics, and general ramblings found on this site are the sole views of, unless specifically stated otherwise.

All efforts are made to ensure original content, and when referenced correct credit given to those sources that are used to craft stories, post, insights and like.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us through our contact form located here: Contact Us Today!

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