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Today we continue our series around understanding the political climate that exists within, and around, Etowah county Alabama. The first part of this series can be found here: State of Etowah County Political Climate: U.S. and State Representatives.


In the first post of this series we dove into the existing U.S. and Alabama state level elected officials. Specifically relating to the U.S. Congress and Alabama State Congress. From that post you can see that this area has long been dominated by republicans. Now let us look into what we can discover when diving into the Etowah county seat, Gadsden, AL.


The above image comes from the following City of Gadsden, AL resource. 

In looking at the City of Gadsden itself there are several elected offices we can focus on. This post will focus specifically on the city of Gadsden districts as well as the corresponding city council members and seats. From the above image you can see that the City of Gadsden is split into 7 districts. Each district is then represented on the council by an elected council member.

The following list the current administration, along with links of maps to the specific district that each council member represents.:

The above list, stating each council member name and district map link, also list the year in which that member was first elected. This puts Mr. Bob Echols, the senior ranking member having been serving since 1986. Bob serves the council as the current ‘President Pro Tempore‘. From here we can also see there are three junior ranking members. This is based on each being elected in the past election cycle and therefore serving their freshman term as council members. The city of Gadsden term length if 4 years. Further there are no set term limits relating to council members and elections.

It is important to note here that when running for municipality level elections, declaring a party is not required. Therefore we don’t have any official way of establishing from which party each council member hails from.

That stated is working on demographic analysis for Etowah county. Part of this dive, and through the use of our analytical tools, we will be able to infer for each district which party is more favored. This then will allow us, through a ranked probability, suggest what each council members party affiliation most likely is.

As mentioned is previous post, the goal here is to arm ourselves with knowledge of the current “as-is” political environment we find ourselves in. This includes understanding the demographics and the “Who’s” that make up the 100k+ residents that call Etowah County Alabama home. Therefore the current focus for this series is set to achieve just that.

I want to close this post out with a preview to the next focus which shall be contained within this on-going series. To set the stage lets review the focus thus far. It has been heavily on understanding the legislative branches of elected officials at the national, state and local levels that represent Etowah county and its residents. The major reason for this focus around the legislative branch of government is simply because this is the branch in which laws, policies and ordinances are crafted and put into place. Therefore in order to impact policy that affects Etowah county these elected positions need to be influenced, or ran, from a Libertarian platform.

With this stated then, and having now an introduction to the legislative representatives for Etowah county and the county seat of Gadsden, we can turn our minds towards the residents of this great county which we call home. The next post in this series will then start to take you down a path of understanding the ‘who’ in Etowah county. Powered by registration and demographic data a more complete political map will be crafted. This map then can be used to help lead the Libertarian party into becoming a greater influence within Etowah county and the cities contained therein. Further being able to start a focus as well towards the Alabama State Senate and House of representatives.

For those interested the following are resources that you might find useful in order to complete your knowledge at this focus for the city of Gadsden, AL and its council members.



For more information about Davis Varner and hisNew Vision and New Futurefor Gadsden, AL, please refer to the following resources from Davis Varner :

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  5. Blog: Vote4Varner/Blog



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