Welcome back dear readers to this weeks Libertarian weekly re-cap post. This is the second post in this on-going weekly series in which we shall dive into the past weeks hot topics as it relates to the realm of Libertarian and personal liberty.

In summary this weeks most highly engaged topics are listed below in order ranked order:

  • #SorryNotSorry
  • Bloody Socialism 
  • 7-out-of-10 agree

Based upon our use of Microsoft Azure Cloud services and Power BI, we have collected and analyzed the sentiment and engagement relating to the above topics. With this understanding let us now dive into the topics themselves and look at further interesting insights and trends.


This weeks most highly engaged topic came from the @LPNational decree this past Friday. Specifically pointing to the fact of why the Libertarian Party even exit. The promotion and establishment of personal liberty for all! In this, then the popular hashtag #SorryNotSorry says it all.

Bloody Socialism

The second highest engaged topic for this past week was a fair warning to the younger generations making their ranks into adulthood. This specific warning is from the shadow cast by socialism dark history. This is rooted in an article that was recently penned by TheFederalist.com.

7-out-of-10 agree

The final topic we uncovered as coming into the third highest engaged topic centers around the desire and need for a valid third party option within U.S. general elections. Recent polling reveals that 7 out of 10 registered voters agree that there should be a choice beyond the failed two party system. Without further ado:

Following from the above summarized hot topics let us know dive a little bit into the insights and metrics that power these findings. This means then we are ready to review the overall sentiment for the week. In regards to the larger sentiment, this ranking it centered around the term Libertarian. Based on all the activity captured during this weeks events, the average sentiment for this week it: 0.23



Neutral Face

As explained in our first post, this scoring is power by Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and specifically cognitive services. You can learn more here.

We see then the balance of sentiment has risen from the previous weeks of 0.19. With the amount of activity that is being captured we believe that the average weekly sentiment will most likely stay within the boundaries of the neutral ranking. That are sub-topics that rank very positive and further very negative. Each though combine for the score you see above.

In this weeks re-cap, I want to spend a little time comparing the engagement, topics and trending insights as it relates to tweets for the @LPNational, @LPAlabama and @LibertyEtowah.

The @LPNational is the United States National Level Twitter account. It is the part of the branding and voice at the national level for the party. With it, let us look at this past week with how the account is used in order to engage with posting tweets, articles and helpful information.

LPNational_Tweets and Avg Engagements

Looking at the above what you see is a chart from our analytics that show, by day number of tweets as well as number of average engagements. This tells a data story of how often the account is active, and how engaged the followers and base is relating to the topics being posted.

The following is a list of detailed numbers that relates to the above chart, by day:

  • July 16th – 7 Post / 51.86 Average Engagements
  • July 17th – 6 Post / 92.33 Average Engagements
  • July 18th – 7 Post / 69.71 Average Engagements
  • July 19th – 6 Post / 98.00 Average Engagements
  • July 20th – 8 Post / 173.00 Average Engagements 

In looking at the above summarized details the twitter account for @LPNational has a great social engagement strategy. They post a good amount of tweet per day, staggered across key posting times in a given day. 6.8 post per day average, with 115k followers. So this is a well established social presence. This is why you see such high average engagements of sometimes 100+, with this weeks average at 96.98. This then gives the metric value for (a) “% Engaged” = 93%. (The higher the percentage the better).

This type of social engagement is what the Libertarian Party of Etowah County is striving for. This is further why its important that we engage from @LibertyEtowah with the @LPNational account.

Now lets move from the national level to within our state. Specifically looking at the insights from the @LPAlabama twitter account. The following is a similar chart that was generated based on the traffic.


Now from the state level we see a different story compared to the national platform. Before diving further into this, I want to make sure and set that you should expect a drop in engagements coming from one level to another level as it relates to post, engagements and overall activity.

Based on the activity that was recorded for state level platform this was summed up as the week level, due to lack of daily activity.:

  • Week of July 16th – 20th – 2 Post / 3.00 Average Engagements

Several factors can play into why there would be less original activity being generated from the state account. This can include factors of people being out, a low time of activity during July, etc. In looking at this though the state level had a weekly average of 0.4 post per day, and 3.00 average engagement rate for the week. This is with a current listing of 1,087 followers. This then gives the metric value for (a) “% Engaged” = 87%. (The higher the percentage the better).

Now let us move into our local account level, represented by @LibertyEtowah insights for post and engagements. The following is the chart that represents our local activity on twitter.:


From the comparison of the national, state and local level you can see for this past week we have had a steady release of post and driving engagements. Having just started our social media engagement strategy, and expanding it over the next weeks and months, we are off to a great start.

Here is the details behind the chart above.:

  • July 16th – 12 Post / 2.00 Average Engagements
  • July 17th – 1 Post / 7.00 Average Engagements
  • July 18th – 1 Post / 2.00 Average Engagements
  • July 19th – 2 Post / 5.50 Average Engagements
  • July 20th – 1 Post / 2.00 Average Engagements

Our average post per day for this past week is set then at 3.4 post per day, with average engagement for the week settling in at 3.7 engagement rate. At the writing of this post, we sit at just 23 followers. This then gives the metric value for (a) “% Engaged” = 108%. (The higher the percentage the better).

The fact that we have just started, but have a greater than 100% engagement rate is actually an amazing thing. Specifically relating to how new the account is and the fact we have a small amount of net followers. That being said, a lot of engagement has come from outside of our direct followers. This is based on having analytics give us popular hashtags, like #AlPolitics and using those to surround our relevant content with.

The goal for successful engagement is keeping that key metric, that KPI of “% Engaged” at 99.9% or higher. If we can maintain that level for % Engaged then we are being relevant, our content and messages are reaches eyes and the point of the platform for social engagement means it is working.

To close this has been an interesting week for the Libertarian party, at all levels. And further from our local chapter we are seeing some amazing growth, which is always encouraging.

Make sure to engage with us! Leave comments, subscribe and join in on the conversation.

(a) % Engaged KPI – Note: Formula that represents the “% Engaged” KPI is: ( [Average Engagement Rate for week] – [Average post per day for week] ) / [Average Engagement Rate for week]

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