Here at, one of the areas in which we will strive to cover and help from an educational point-of-view is politics, policy and people within Etowah county.


In order to help promote the Libertarian party and therefore the ideals of personal liberty, one must arm themselves with knowledge. This always equates to power. Now this does not mean to infer a context of control. With the penning of the word power, the take away point here as to be implied situates itself with the focus of personal. Meaning to empower each of you, and the Etowah county Libertarian party so as to enable correct growth and ability to accurately share useful information among ourselves and those we wish to have a positive impact on.

We are all aware that misinformation is a tool used by many. Corporations and governments alike. Through the use of the internet, too many people these days fall prey to false information. Perpetuated false news and the alike, either on purpose or through sheer ignorance of a topic. A lot of us have bear witness to the use of said falsehoods to help justify a point from one or many people. To give proof, and therefore to win an argument or to close on a point. Again this use of disinformation at times is even done with the knowledge that the proof is false, but blind faith to a specific persona, belief or point removes the need for the person to even admit such things.

Further such people will even proceed to establish a “straw man fallacy”, in order to remove questions about the present evidence as being false to avoid within themselves the acknowledgement of such an issue.

With the above now stated, I return to the point of education and knowledge. Therefore this blog will also post as part of its different series and topics specific information that will arm us with details and helpful insights related to the area in which myself, my family and this blog currently calls home.

As the title implies then we need to understand the current state of the political climate in which Etowahians’ find themselves currently living. In order to understand that we need to then have an idea of whom represents this area within the U.S. Senate, House, State Senate and House and from there we can dive further with future post to break down the districts, cities and more.

First then let us start with the whom represents us with the U.S. State and House of Representatives.:

U.S. Senate & House Representatives (As of 7/16/2017)

Etowah county, being part of the great state of Alabama is represented in the U.S. senate by both Richard Shelby (R) and Luther Strange (R).


Find out more here:

Further as we move into the the U.S house or Representatives, Etowah county and its residents are represented in the congressional district of “AL 4”. This then means we are currently represented by congressman Robert Aderholt.


Find out more here:

From this base knowledge then you can see quickly the current U.S. Legislative representation that currently exists for us is strongly Republican. For the past several election cycles Republicans have had a strong hold on our area relating to the U.S. legislative branch.

State of Alabama Senate & House Representatives (As of 7/16/2017)

Moving towards the state level of government, the current climate we found ourselves in is very similar to that of the federal level. Mostly dominated by Republicans with a single exception. With that lets dive into the details.:

For state Senate Etowah is housed within Senate District 10. The current State Senator that represents our interest in the state congressional decisions is Phillip W. (“Phil”) Williams.


Find out more here:

Moving now into the state of Alabama House of Representatives, the residents of Etowah county are broken up into three distinct districts. These are: “D28, D29 and D30”.  Each of these districts are then represented by the following:

  • D28 = Craig Ford (D)
  • D29 = Becky Nordgren (R)
  • D30 = Mack Butler (R)

Find out more here:


As you can see mostly a republican dominated set, except for Mr. Craig Ford whom is a long time Democratic party member.

To close this initial post I want to bring back the focus of why having this information is so important. It is knowledge, understanding what the current “as-is” situation we find ourselves in. This then will allow us to plan and promote people, items and agendas which enable us to craft a better, Libertarian focused, “to-be” future. will continue its educational series so that we enable ourselves to help craft together a more personal liberty enabled future. To that end, if your interested, and want to know more, please read our first post and connect with us! Going Beyond illusion and reaching for real choice!

Finally I would like to give a special thanks to the Etowah County Libertarian Party, which I’m a proud member of. The idea for this post came out of recent questions and conversations from some of the newest members. I encourage everyone to ask questions, be involved and please leave your comments here!

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