As we come to a close for this fine July week, is kicking off its weekly re-cap for interesting news, metrics and spotlights from around the web as it related to Libertarians and Liberty!

To summarize the following list, in order of ranked engagements will be covered as part of this post:

  • REAL-ID Act
  • Clean Repeal
  • Mark West for ARK GOV

Based upon use of Microsoft Azure and Power BI, we are able to generate insights and sentiment relating to the topics of Libertarians and the pursuit of personal liberty.


With the latest news and impact from the REAL-ID Act, the LP gives thanks on behalf of all the states – nine and counting – that their drivers license is no longer valid for TSA. Now the poor residents of these states have to also travel with a passport. To find out more, check out the following:

Clean Repeal

Another hot topic from this weeks Libertarian focus is Rand Pauls call for a clean repeal as promised. However the LP quickly points out that means placing trust into the GOP. Something I believe most of us snicker and laugh at the thought thereof. This comes in as the second most engaged topic for this week’s recap:

Mark West for ARK GOV

The third most engaged topic for this week around the Libertarian waterhole circles around Mark West bid for for Arkansas Governor in 2018. Mark ran a awesome campaign for U.S. House as a Libertarian. Getting someone for the LP at the state level anywhere would be a great victory. You can find out more here:


From a weekly scale of positive and negative sentiment relating to the topic of Libertarian, overall the score for this weeks report is:


Neutral Face

Which places this weeks ranking middle of the road. Having a neutral, or balanced sentiment for the conversations that mined. As part of the on-going weekly reports will keep track of the scores and use this as a metric to get monthly averages. With average monthly sentiment a comparison to the story timelines that influence this value then can be completed that will give insights into trending positive, negative and neutral topics. Further enabling our ability to better engage with people.

To help give an idea and specific examples in what shifts this ranking, the following outliers are listed below. This will showcase sentiment ranking from two ends of the spectrum.

One of the most negative outliers for this weeks score is.:


If you observe the words and phrases that are used in these tweets, you will see why this receive a -1.0. The lowest possible score from a negative side of the sentiment spectrum.

One of the most positive outlier for this weeks score is.:

As you can see from the tweet text, why it ranks so high from a sentiment analysis. This ranked a 1.0, this highest possible positive sentiment that could be scored, relating to Libertarian topic.

Capping off this weeks re-cap report on all things libertarian, the following YouTube video was highly watched and covering topics of interesting and possibly questionable points of view that may push your own. The two things that stand out for me is the concept of libertarian fascism and the concept of personal succession.

Libertarian Fascism & Identity Politics w/ That Guy T

I respect all opinions, but I must say this video really strikes to the problem with the Libertarian Party. It is like a ‘baskin robbins’ choice for what type of libertarian are we this week? The notion of the concept for libertarian fascism, as explained in the video, goes against the core principle of non-aggression. Continue the conversation on this video over at it’s subreddit page: reddit video comments section.

To close you can see the power of mining data from the web and social media can be a powerful tool that helps with creating a data story line in which we Libertarians can engage with. The ultimate goal is to spread information, and show how this aligns with the core values and beliefs of the Libertarian Party.

Finally, have a look at the following interactive report, powered by Microsoft Power BI:


It showcases this weeks mined authors of social media engagement as well as popular hashtags. The authors are in the blue color and the hashtags they engaged with are in the black. You can zoom, in and out, filter by text and get an idea of how the web of engagement builds around specific communities, all based in the Libertarian as the key focus. The report is part of the source that has driven this weeks weekly re-cap.

Want to know more? Interested in the Libertarian Party? Please read our introduction post to find out more and get connected: Introduction Post

If you would like to better understand the technology and techniques used to arrive at concepts like sentiment ranking through text analytics, please visit this resource: Machine Learning and Cognitive Services Explained.

P.S. I would not be a Game of Thrones fan without also sharing GoT: Libertarian Edition. Since winter is here, and GoT 7 starts this Sunday! (If you search for GoT in the interactive report above you will see how many people quickly picked up on this video this week.)

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