Through the years I have come to develop a view that is centered around personal liberty. This view was shaped through my gained understanding related to the disillusion that is the American political landscape. Watching the lesser of evils prevail each election cycle. Finally coming to the hard truth via this observation, that choice does not exist for American’s in regard to electing leaders or the election process in general.

The trap, the old parties, the two party system has failed America. Yet it has successfully entrenched itself into the American psyche that IT equals choice. This then dear friends is where my reference to disillusion treads forth from. When one can remove the blinders and shake the shackles free,  then one can see for the first time there is no real choice – it two sides of a single coin.

It is an illusion, a falsehood and facade in the fifth degree – black belt – gut kicked, thank you very much and here we go another two or four years of the same. “The old party” then, is now my new adopted term that encompasses that which is named Democrats or Republicans.

Truly I do admire the fact of how well the machine that is  “The old party” (TOP), has so well crafted such a story that the general American populous believes there is no other option. We then find the disappointed, unaware, non-caring slump of the average Joe or Jane selecting one or the other, expecting change but getting the same. The same that has been for the past several decades now, that which has enslaved the average American into the land of lesser evils, whereas evil always wins.

With this in mind, I have set off on a journey now to use the skills that have I obtained over the years to focus upon the Libertarian Party. To help spread this amazing concept of personal liberty and the pursuit of happiness. To advocate real choice, and the the hopes that through such efforts, one person at a time in whom we engage with, will develop a better understanding of the situation as-is. To enable and infer a capacity to go beyond the lairs game for enabling a to-be. The end result desired then: there is a real choice and it exists beyond the two evils.

This blog will therefore contain within it attempts to share insights, data and other topics and coverage that will help in this establishment and continued efforts of this choice. To free data and use it as an asset for story telling concepts that leads one into his or her on capacity to decide for themselves: “Is the Libertarian Party for me? Do I believe in personal liberty and am I ready to remove myself from the illusion and continued election of evil?”

Please visit: for Alabama Libertarian Party and further for the national site. Good reading, good fortune and to the pursuit of liberty at all levels.

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